Entrevista: Fausto Gracia

Los medios de comunicación usan un léxico limitado para narrar México dentro de situaciones como son el tráfico de drogas e inmigración. No tengo la intención de negar esos contextos, solamente intento ofrecer una narración más compleja y diversa de México con toda su multiplicidad étnica, cultural y política. Un año de vivir en cualquier país es suficiente para rasgar la superficie de su lengua, cultura y sociedad, en el caso de México, ese tiempo tampoco sería suficiente. 2111

Poetry: Pakistan’s Progressive Poets

By: Adeeba Shahid Talukder Read Ms. Talukder's poetry selection here.  In a mushaaʿirah introduction to his poem Rule of the Land, written about Pakistan’s 1963 constitution, the poet Habib Jalib relates: “After the creation of Pakistan, when, one by one, our dreams were being shattered, we began searching for people who shared our ideals of freedom, democracy, and economic independence. So I wrote this poem, Dastoor, that I recited at a mushaaʿirah in Muree. All the cream of Pakistani society was present. The atmosphere was so tense that no leaf dared tremble. And I began…

Urdu Poetry in Translation

Let us today enter the bazaar in shackles Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-1984) The brimming eye, the torn spirit a hint of undisclosed love-- they are not enough. Let us today enter the bazaar in shackles. Arms wild intoxicated, dancing with dust-smeared faces and bloodied shirts Come, the city of the beloved awaits: 2130

Persian: Pedagogical resources

Students of Persian come from diverse backgrounds. With the gradual formation of the concept of "world literature" and the discipline of "comparative literature" in the West, scores of scholars and students wish to undertake the study of Persian literary history and heritage.  The Persian-speaking diaspora, constantly growing in size, has led to the operation of many Persian-language heritage schools that strive to address the need of the second/third Iranian-American or Afghan-American generation. Also, with its fairly recent emergence as a "critical" language for U.S policy, people of military/government status have undertaken the study of Persian as well. Categorized as an…