Poetry: Pakistan’s Progressive Poets

By: Adeeba Shahid Talukder Read Ms. Talukder's poetry selection here.  In a mushaaʿirah introduction to his poem Rule of the Land, written about Pakistan’s 1963 constitution, the poet Habib Jalib relates: “After the creation of Pakistan, when, one by one, our dreams were being shattered, we began searching for people who shared our ideals of freedom, democracy, and economic independence. So I wrote this poem, Dastoor, that I recited at a mushaaʿirah in Muree. All the cream of Pakistani society was present. The atmosphere was so tense that no leaf dared tremble. And I began…

Urdu Poetry in Translation

Let us today enter the bazaar in shackles Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-1984) The brimming eye, the torn spirit a hint of undisclosed love-- they are not enough. Let us today enter the bazaar in shackles. Arms wild intoxicated, dancing with dust-smeared faces and bloodied shirts Come, the city of the beloved awaits: 2130